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Here's the backyard of a newly constructed home in Olympia, Washington. 


It's my parent's home.

(well, we all have to start somewhere...)

April 2018


This yard was just a rectangle of grass.  The only other items in place were some trees supplied by the builder and the wrought iron fence.


This was the wish list:

    *Room to entertain

    *Relax and read

    *Water feature

    *A swing

    *Destination seating

    *Space for BBQ unit

    *Retain lawn for lawn games 


Also important was a "peek-a-boo" effect along the back fence so they didn't feel closed in.  These two are quite social and enjoy chatting with the golfers that come by on the cart path.   


Bottom line - they wanted "WOW"!     

They now have three seating areas, room to dine, play lawn games, and enjoy a unique water feature.  The space has a big visual weight and impact, yet is intimate and an outstanding space to relax and entertain.


Here's the concept plan video...

Finished swing patio
Planter bed
rain curtain
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