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April 2023

This home in Gulf Breeze, Florida is currently being renovated.  It's to be used as a Airbnb.  I suggested all landscaping, with the exception of large mature trees and some turf, be removed; it was old and not well cared for.  This means the irrigation would be reworked, so may as well start fresh.

Not too terribly inviting at this point, but check out the before and after...  

Click on the image below to see the design concept video.

And now for the backyard...

Pretty standard fixer-upper - grass, pool, fence.  The home was built in the 80's and this is as far as they got.  It happens.  The pool was already there, so all it needed was some landscaping, a place for lawn games, a dining patio, and a comfy firepit area.  There was even room for a bocce ball court.  Now there's room for everyone to have fun and relax.  This design will keep any guest engaged and looking forward to their return.  Click the image below to see a video of the concept design.

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