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So, I have the best clients.  This couple was installing a crazy looking pool with a cave and water slide.  The sunken kitchen will also offer swim-up seating and counter.  There's a separate hot tub and an in-pool spa.  My assignment was to fill the rest of the space with large grassy areas for lawn games and entertaining (there's already a covered stage for performers.)  They asked for a forest-y feel - no palm trees here.  Also important to them was covering up the fence - we don't wanna see no fence. 


The large mound of dirt from pool excavation is to remain and will become a 'mountain'  It blocks the view from the house and pool area to the rest of the landscape and will compel guests to move about the yard.


And here we are...a massive landscape filled with grass, trees, shrubs, paths, in-ground trampoline, a bandstand, and lots and lots of room for games and parties.


A grassy area was added around the trampoline for the little toes that will be running around.  A path to the garden and chicken coop was added, as well as another path leading around the mountain behind the pool/cave.  This lot is so large, it's like a park, and a park needs paths.  These paths will invite family and friends to move through the garden.  It may even become a bike trail.  What a blast this family is going to have in this yard!

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