This is my house, purchased April of 2018.  We remodeled the inside prior to moving in and, like most people, will save the landscape project for later. It may look like a reasonably nice landscape, but it was 70+ years old.  Trees were sick and dying and shrubs were overgrown. The 7,000 square feet of lawn was a water suck, not to mention the tree roots made the grass near impossible to mow or walk on.  This photo is deceiving.......


Front view.jpg

The plan is to reroute foot traffic from the side of the house to the formal front door.  The current 'front' door is on the side of the house leading right in to the dining room table.  We'll address privacy, irrigation, shade, paths, water feature, and add a pergola-covered seating area and garden beds.


2020-10-29 07.33.13.jpg
2020-10-29 07.28.29.jpg
2020-10-29 07.29.04.jpg

That's right.  Three years after we removed the trees we just left the landscape to slowly die a horrible death in the full western sun.  We're a corner lot, the first house you see when entering our neighborhood.  Our poor neighbors.....


2020-10-29 09.55.05.jpg
2020-11-02 08.40.52.jpg

It's got to get worse before it gets better.  



Once irrigation and drainage were complete, we laid 7,000 sf of weed barrier and 66 yards of mulch.  (As a landscape designer, I do not make it a practice of specifying weed barrier in my designs.  I believe building a healthy soil with good structure through proper organic amendments, such as compost, worm castings, and using organic slow-release plant food, is a responsible approach to building a healthy landscape.  But let's be real.....who's got time to weed 7,000 square feet?  We had horrendous weeds, bermuda grass, and a very aggressive vinca and ivy hedge that had to be contained.  If I didn't use weed barrier, I'd be spending all my time hosing the landscape with Roundup.  We brought in 20 yards of top soil/compost mix, then amended individual planting holes.  We'll continue to add amendments to the plants annually.  So please, do as I say, not as I do.)



Fountain time.  Looks pretty insignificant, doesn't it?  But hang in there, I have a vision.

APRIL 2021

And here we are.  Trees, shrubs, a fountain, pergola, and a bit of fencing.  So much more work still to do, but the budget needs to catch up.  You'd think $28,000 would go farther....


Just prior to demo....

Mahala After hidden address.jpg

And here we are today, though the curb has been removed and rocks tweaked.  We have a long way to go.  Still need the rest of the fencing, plants, sidewalks, trees.  Oh, and money.

Mahala hidden address.jpg